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Investigate ‘broken promises’

Sunday, January 11, 2015 6:00 am

Where is the money going?


"Hearings held for company lawsuits: City sues two firms for $1 million each for not living up to agreement" - Register & Bee Article


"It’s Payback Time… Again" - Southside Central 


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(Danville, Va.) -- After several high-profile flops in recent years, a Danville City Councilman is promising more oversight on who gets Tobacco Commission money to open a business in the city.

Lee Vogler says the Commission has made 47 grants totaling 32 million dollars for startups and expansions. Vogler says two grants were restructured. Four grants are now in default. The city has reached agreements with Blue Ridge Fiberboard and US Green Energy to recover the money. The city has filed lawsuits in the other two cases...Web Parts and GOK Furniture. He says the GOK agreement was a mistake...that the city relied on false information to approve the grant. Lawsuits have been filed against both companies to recover those grant funds.

Vogler says an audit launched last year recovered more questionable grant activity among recipients. He notes there are ten grants who’s status have yet to be determined. And Vogler admits, some of them could turn out to be busts as well.


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